Find Out Which Are the Main Types of Concrete Here

Find Out Which Are the Main Types of Concrete Here

Types of Concrete

Concrete is the universal construction material for both residential and commercial projects. For this reason, most project managers must know which are the main types of concrete out there. That way, they’ll know which concrete is the most suitable for your work.

What Makes Up Concrete?

What Makes Up Concrete

Concrete is versatile, highly-resistant, affordable, and durable.

That’s why it tends to be the go-to option for most construction projects. But how is concrete made?

Generally speaking, concrete consists of three things: aggregates, clean water, and Portland cement. The aggregates tend to be rock, gravel, or sand. When mixing these three elements together, you get the malleable paste, which we all know as concrete. Of course, this paste hardens when dry.

Concrete types tend to vary depending on the mixture ratio and aggregate type. That’s why there are tons of concrete kinds out there.

Moreover, it’s essential to keep in mind that quality concrete tends to have a lower water-cement ratio while at the same time, not hurting its workability.

Which Are the Different Types of Concrete to Consider?

If you want to make sure that your concrete work meets your needs, then you definitely need to know the different types out there. After all, while some concrete might work best for driveways and parking lots, others might work best for buildings.

When having a conduction project at bay, these are the main types of concrete to keep in mind:

  1. Plain concrete and ready-mix concrete
  2. Reinforced concrete and glass concrete
  3. Pervious concrete
  4. High-strength concrete
  5. Lightweight concrete
  6. Precast concrete for structural components
  7. Air entraining concrete
  8. Self-compacting concrete

Plain Concrete and Ready-Mix Concrete 

Plain and Ready Mix Concrete

This is the most common concrete type. In fact, it’s the traditional option for pavements and certain types of buildings.  It’s mixture consists of a 1:2:4 ratio of cement, sand, and water,

Moreover, plain concrete is on the less strong range of concretes.

We then have ready-mix concrete or RMC for short. This is the type of concrete you can find almost everywhere. Moreover, RMC works best for small projects.

Reinforced Concrete and Glass Concrete

Reinforced and Glass Reinforced Concrete

There are two types of reinforced concrete: the traditional one and the glass-reinforced concrete.

Being among the most used materials in modern buildings, reinforced concrete is often used for structural elements. This is because reinforced concrete increases its strength with steel rods.

Why Should You Go for Concrete for Your Construction Project?

Whether you’re looking for a building material type for your parkways or construction site, there’s no denying that concrete is your best solution.

Concrete provides you will all sorts of benefits, including:

  • Having a low carbon footprint
  • Unmatched strength and durability
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • No rusting, rotting, or burning hazards
  • Versatility that can boost your business’s aesthetic appeal
  • Being able to resist all types of weather conditions

As you can see, you can never go wrong by opting for concrete.

In case you’re still hesitant about choosing concrete for your construction, don’t worry! Our team created an extensive guide on concrete work on how it can benefit your enterprise.

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